No Price Water offers a unique advertising opportunity on our packaged drinking water bottles. We customize the labels with your logo and colors, allowing you to promote your brand effectively when serving our bottles. Studies have demonstrated that this branding strategy enhances recall of your products and services over time. Our high-quality water satisfies your customers’ thirst while serving as an effective advertising platform for your brand.

"Advertising Made Easy - Your Brand on Our Bottles, Reaching Every Home ."

Sectors We Serve


  • Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants)
  • Education (Educational Institutions)
  • Corporate (Reception, Corporate Houses)
  • Tourism (Tours and Travel)
  • Entertainment (Leisure Outlets)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals)
  • Events (Movie Theaters and Events)
  • Government (Government Entities)


  • Celebrations (Weddings, Engagement, Sangeeth and Mehendi, Birthdays, Bachelors Party, Housewarming)
  • Business (Business Events)
  • Political (Election Campaigns)

How We Can Empower You?

Boost Your Brand

Ensure your brand gets seen everywhere with our highly effective ads. Strategically placed on top networks, they guarantee a lasting impact.

Customised Deliveries

Discover how we ensure your products reach the right audience in style. Our premium packaging and delivery leave a memorable touch with complimentary bottled water.

Save Lives

With every bottle you buy, we give back by supporting clean drinking water initiatives through Rastriya Jal Jeevan Kosh, part of the Ministry of Jal Shakti.

Effective Marketing

Discover the impact of our packaging on elevating your brand's visibility. Make a bold statement and stand out in every setting. Be unmistakably noticed wherever you go.

Client Testimonial

Every Drop Matters: Water With Purpose

At No Price Water, we believe in more than just quenching thirsts, we’re committed to making a meaningful impact with every bottle sold. Our dedication to social responsibility drives us to support the Har Ghar Jal initiative, where for every bottle purchased, we donate Rs. 1 towards providing clean water to households in need. This means that every time you choose No Price Water, you’re hydrating yourself and contributing to a larger cause, one bottle at a time.

By partnering with the Har Ghar Jal”  initiative, we’re actively addressing the critical issue of water scarcity and contamination, ensuring that communities have access to safe and clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Through our collective efforts, we’re making strides towards creating a more sustainable future, where access to clean water is a basic human right rather than a privilege.

We invite you to join us in this mission for clean water for all. Let’s unite in our shared vision of a world where access to clean water is universal, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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